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Our two Crafts Books are practical how-to guides for Peg Loom weaving and Felt Making

This is the definitive How-To craft book on using a Peg Loom to weave textile designs using a range of materials. Ideal for any age group, or those with reduced dexterity, it is a simple process that takes up less room than a conventional loom.  

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weaving, peg looms, recycling, textiles

Peg Loom Weaving: All you need to know to get started

“This is a fantastic way to use up and recycle old fabrics and clothing, as well as combining the wide array of gorgeous yarns and fibres now available. It is very environmentally friendly, requiring no additional sources of power other than your “elbow”. 

So, it covers the basic principles of peg loom weaving with a range of different projects that will inspire you to create your own variations.  

Decide on the design and use whatever materials you have to hand. Once you have mastered the techniques, you can experiment with any type of material that will bend enough to weave around the row of pegs.

140 @ A5 pages, full colour images throughout, spiral-bound to lie flat

 ISBN: 978-0-9926100-0-5 Price £12.50 plus p&p

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"This is one of the best books to get you started on a new skill" - wet felt making.

felt making, textiles, craft books
wool fibres, dyed wool, felting, felt making, craft books

"It really is like painting with fibres as you lay out richly dyed wool in loose shapes and patterns. Best of all, anyone can do it whatever their age".

Felt Making: All you need to know to get started

It is about the process of wet felting rather than dry or needle felting, which are very different techniques. 

  • Laying down strands of wool fibres
  •  add hot soapy water,
  • cover with bubble-wrap or fabric netting (to stop the wet fibres sticking to your hands and arms!)
  • work vigorously until the fibres start to twist and matte together. 
It will gradually shrink by around a third to produce a firm piece of felt fabric. 

felt making, wool felt, craft books

The book is set out in the same way as the Peg Loom Weaving guide, full colour images and spiral bound to lie flat. 95 @ A5 pages

ISBN: 978-1-9998352-4-8 Price: £12.50 plus p&p

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