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Dr Jeynes was our first author. She originally established Pen Coed Publishing to produce her book on Peg Loom Weaving as there was already a customer base wanting to purchase it.

Since then, Jacqueline has continued to write books on various non-fiction subjects, is course writer and tutor on distance learning courses on Art History and, in 2022 will launch a series of modules for small firms. She works with other international publishers for specialist titles. 

Here is a short summary of the book "Before Hiroshima: Forgotten Prisoners of War in Japan, Burma and the Far East" or order the book on Amazon UK 

Read the excerpt about Forgotten Prisoners of War here


Dr Rogers Burrell came to us with her first book, a memoir on how she overcame feeling isolated as a Canadian moving to live in rural Wales. As well as being an inspiring look at ways to become part of the local community, it includes some great recipes for each season of the year.

We worked with Anita to edit the book and were happy to publish it for her. Her experience as a counselling Psychologist helped her to keep this an up-lifting story and leads you to consider the "3 Steps to Survival and Success".  Anita has now gone back to live in Canada so we look forward to her next book!

Gary Evans, early retirement, plan for retirement


Gary Evans is also one of our local authors living in rural Wales. His book on planning for early retirement is an excellent guide that everyone should read! It is based on his personal experience of taking the decision to retire early if possible, but also to make sure he had a carefully planned process to follow.

Gary has shown that it is possible to plan so far ahead, and he gives you lots of tips to get you started on your own plan. This is his first published book, but others are in progress so watch this space! 

David Barratt 


David Barratt has been Senior partner in a UK firm of consulting engineers for many years, working overseas for much of that time. When the opportunity arose to help the Iraqi people following the Gulf War, he was keen to join others and help in any way he could. This book is based on notes and recollections about his time there, bringing together  what it was really like for those who experienced it.

It is a great book, historically accurate with lots of personal stories to bring it alive for the reader. It is already proving to be a great hit with anyone interested in military history and the Gulf War in particular.