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Gary Evans, early retirement, retirement planning

Author Gary Evans has real-life experience of planning ahead for Early Retirement

Gary Evans lives here in rural Wales and is our latest author to be published by us.

His book is a perfect example of a Self-Help guide based on real experience of the author. Several years ago, he and his wife decided they would plan to retire earlier if possible so this is the result of that careful planning.

Gary's book explains what you should consider well in advance of the age you plan to retire, and provides some  useful Checklists to help you.

It is large print, and easy to follow

ISBN: 978-1-9998352-9-3

He is now working on the next book so we will keep you posted on his progress in our Newsletter.

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New arrival  in 2021 - a perfect way to recover from a pandemic!

Gary's new book is  ready to despatch so get the perfect present for friends, and family, who want to start planning for earlier retirement.

early retirement, planning for the future