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Badly Chopped Carrots and Everyday Dinners

by Dr Anita Rogers-Burrell

We loved this book when Anita brought it to us. It is part memoir, part self-help, and part Cookery Book, so is an inspiring read for anyone who has found themselves having to start afresh in a new location. 

This is the beautiful 1st Edition - heavy quality paper, full A4 size, with lots of full-colour images of scrumptious food alongside recipes that actually work. 

ISBN: 978-1-9998352-2-4 £20.00 plus p&p


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Dr Anita Rogers Burrell

“Life is like badly chopped carrots. Far from perfect chunks of equal length and breadth, badly chopped carrots are ragged, irregular, lumpy and bumpy. So too is life, with all its ups and downs, its sheer wonkiness.”

Dr Rogers Burrell is a counselling psychologist with a doctorate in Leadership and incredible experiences internationally. But this book goes further into finding – for the first time – her true personal feelings, goals, and the things that she truly enjoys in life. It is an inspiring look at how you can balance solitude and connection with others, leading to her

3 Steps to Survival and Success.

Starting off as a recipe book, the author soon realised it was an opportunity to explore the impact of life’s changes on the individual. She reflects on life in a new country as a Canadian, a ‘foreigner’ living in rural Wales, and how she overcame feelings of isolation through her love of food and willingness to become an active part of her local community.

Not just a “whimsical” memoir easily enjoyed at face value, it reflects the feelings of many readers who find themselves in new environments,  maybe starting again when they thought they were settled. 

This is a special First Edition, beautifully produced, and something that you can read from cover to cover or just browse as you wish. We love it!

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