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David Barratt - FICE, FGS, MSc, DipCE, CEng

David is the latest author we have worked with, editing his book "Iraqi Kurdistan - New Horizons" and getting it ready to publish in 2021. It was clear from the start that he is an excellent writer, combining facts with anecdotal evidence and personal comments from those he worked with in Iraq. As we noted on the back cover of his book:

“David’s role was critical in coordinating the engineering aspects of water supply, sanitation, building shelters, feeding stations and field hospitals within a hostile war environment. He was awarded the ODA (Overseas Development Administration) medal for ‘services to the Government within a theatre of war’. An excellent, detailed account to put the records straight”. 

Following the success of this title, and the excellent reviews he has had from readers (including the Help for Heroes group) and Aberystwyth EGO magazine July 2021, David is now focusing on writing based on his travels and experiences. It will be fascinating to see whether he now continues with the non-fiction approach or goes straight for fiction!