Distance Learning modules through Aberystwyth University Lifelong Learning (SELL) programme - History of Art, Craft Books Online 

These are short course modules that are assessed and give you 10 degree level Credits. Don’t worry about the assessment as basically, if you work through the course you have all the evidence you need for assessment – lots of small tasks throughout to encourage you to think about the topics covered. It is not about just repeating chunks from other sources, but does encourage you to provide your own views and analysis on art.

They are “Distance Learning” not “online”, so although you need access to the university Blackboard Learning site to download the course materials at the beginning, you can then work through them at your own pace at home.

“As a long-term tutor of distance learning courses, and a student at different times I might add, I have written the courses as if I am talking to you the student sitting on your own in a shed at the bottom of the garden. In other words, just you working on your own. So far, students have really enjoyed the courses, and the work produced is always remarkable, so if you fancy learning about art, how it has developed, what you are actually looking at, then have a look at the website and sign up for a course. Please note you do not have to live in Wales to be able to complete the modules!”

-          Art History: The study of Western Art – from Ancient Greece to 20th century, take a closer look at how art has developed. Develop your own Timeline chart showing these changes.

-          History of Art: The Welsh Depicted (on Welsh portraiture)- looking at Welsh identity as it is shown in paintings, sculpture, photography, with particular emphasis on portraits of and by those with a connection to or born in Wales.

-          An Historical Perspective on Contemporary Art – ever wondered what you are supposed to be looking at in a piece of artwork? This course works through changes to approaches and techniques in art from end of 19th century, and how these have influenced contemporary artists.

-          Modern Art at National Museum of Wales Cardiff – the most significant collection donated to the nation by the Davies Sisters of Powys. – The Davies sisters, Gwendoline and Margaret, were very wealthy and built a fabulous collection of Modern Art at the beginning of 20th century when everyone else was still frowning and looking curiously at new art movements developing in Europe. Their collection was bought specifically to donate to the Welsh nation and is housed in the National Museum in Cardiff.

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