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  • “A Beginner’s Guide to Health & Safety” 2008 CIEH
  • “A Beginner’s Guide to Food Safety” 2007 CIEH
  •  “Health & Safety Management Made Simple” 2007 Butterworth Heinemann
  • “Risk Management: 10 Principles” 2002 – text book covering whole range of business risks, published by Butterworth Heinemann - SEE REVISED TITLE BELOW 2017
  • "10 Ps of Managing Risks Post-Brexit: 10 Basic Principles" 2017
  • “Practical Health & Safety Management for Small Businesses” 2000 – practical guidance for non-experts, published by Butterworth Heinemann (this book translated into Turkish and published in Turkey under licence) - SEE REVISED VERSION OUTLINED BELOW, DUE 2018
  • Expert presenter on “Health & Safety in Small Firms” series of 10 BBC 2 TV programmes
  • Expert contributor to Business Hotline Publications “Directors Briefings”

As an expert on Health and Safety management in small firms (the basis of her PhD with Aston University), Dr Jacqueline Jeynes has written several books, presented papers at international conferences, and acted as Management Training Consultant in many UK manufacturing companies.

Although the earlier books are still used as reference sources, she feels it is time to up-date them, combine the basic principles found in each one, and certainly add some more recent images. 

"10 Ps of Managing Risks Post-Brexit: 10 Basic Principles" text book aimed at managers, business consultants/Advisers and students, and relevant to businesses wherever they are located in the world.

Whatever the outcome of 'Brexit' discussions, companies world-wide will still have to manage their risks irrespective of requirements of local legislation. The 10 Ps provide a basic process to consider the widest range of potential risks to the company, helping to establish the basic principles of risk management.

Practical H&S Management (aimed at small firms) will be revised for publication 2018. Note it will apply to smaller businesses wherever they are located, with specific information related to different industry sectors, but it is a very practical approach with no detailed regulations quoted. This new publication will be available in 2018 and will include:

  • Where to start
  • The easiest and quickest way to get health and safety management right
  • Understanding what this means
  • What is risk assessment and how to assess risks in your own business
  • Keeping records.

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