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Before Hiroshima

My father was a prisoner of war (POW) in Japan for three years and while many people think of VE day in May, they forget those in the Far East (FEPOWs) were still imprisoned until August 15th after the US bombed Hiroshima. Note orders had already been issued by Japanese High Command for ALL POWs and interns (women and children) to be executed “by whatever means” immediately if the Allies started to attack – this was just 2 days before Hiroshima.

Peg Loom Weaving

This book was written as a direct result of customers for our own Peg Looms asking for guidance on “how to” use the loom and what could they make apart from a scarf.  As a textiles tutor for many years, and basically using a wide range of needlework techniques since I was a little girl, I am fascinated by making “structures” so think the Peg Loom is a brilliant piece of kit! 

Health & Safety

As an expert on Health and Safety management in small firms (the basis of her PhD with Aston University), Dr Jacqueline Jeynes has written several books, presented papers at international conferences, and acted as Management Training Consultant in many UK manufacturing companies.

The History of Art

These are short course modules that are assessed and give you 10 degree level Credits. Don’t worry about the assessment as basically, if you work through the course you have all the evidence you need for assessment – lots of small tasks throughout to encourage you to think about the topics covered.

Travel Writing

This is the first in a Series of 3 guides on Walking Wales, each with a different location that is ideal for long-distance walking. They are beautifully presented books including images of the places of interest along the way, both modern photographs and illustrations from the digital collection of paintings, prints and photographs in the National Library of Wales collections.

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About Dr Jacqueline Jeynes B.Ed(Hons), BA(Hons) Creative Arts, MBA, PhD

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